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Volunteering at the Winona Peach Festival

Are you interested in volunteering at the Winona Peach Festival?  If so, you have come to the correct page!

There are several organizations who look for volunteers to help them at their booths.  Below are direct links to our member organizations so that you can contact them directly!  We believe that by you contacting them directly, you will receive a quicker response, be able to find out what their needs are plus we are cutting out the person passing along information.

Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice  -   Dr Bob Kemp serves yummy cupcakes, gelato, Tim Horton's coffee and many more great treats!

Homefront Cancer Service  -    Homefront Cancer Service serve various food items such as Elephant ears, deep fried vegetables, baked potatoes and so much more!

Lions Club of Stoney Creek  -  The Lions Club of Stoney Creek serves hamburgers, hotdogs, breakfasts and more!

Optimist Club of Stoney Creek   -   The Optimist Club of Stoney Creek serves Deli sandwiches, poutine, sweet potato fries and many more items!